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Girls Camp: Sports: Week 2

I Scream – you scream – we all scream – for LEAGUES 🏆⚽️🏀⚾️ Regesh Leagues! “RUN when you can, WALK if you have to, CRAWL…

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Girls Camp: Waterfront Week 2

SWIM NEWS! DEEP WATER SWIMMERS! The first 2 weeks of Camp are in the books- Wow! We had a fabulous week of Swim with the magnificent hot weather. Swim Instruction…

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Swim News! What a great week at Preschool swim! Campers have all been enjoying Instructional Swim with their instructors daily. Preschool swim groups are small and individualized…

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Boys Camp

I Remember Every Moment: The Regesh ABCs Now I know why its so hard to say goodbye… This summer flew by too fast. What an…

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Girls Camp: Rakefet: Summer 2018

Rakefet forever! Reflecting on Rakefet… Dear Parents, This summer with your daughters has been absolutely outstanding, filled with so much laughter and adventure. Let’s start…

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Swim Recap 2018! Great Swim Summer! EPIC!! This has been a fantastic summer jam-packed with incredible swim memories at the Girls Waterfront. With the hot…

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