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Boys Camp: Junior Division Week 8

The Junior Division is the “Coolest“ Junior Division cooling off at 7-11 remember from this unbelievable 8 weeks spent in our home away from home-…

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Boys camp: Waterfront week 8

What a Summer! What an amazing summer at Camp Regesh. We have retested and printed cards for all the boys. We have seen such an…

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Girls Camp: Week 8

SUMMER 2019- WE’LL MISS YOU!! “ I remember every moment…“ Type the post here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Qui enim existimabit…

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Girls Camp: Sports Week 8

Summer Highlights! We shoot high at Camp Regesh! Week 1 – Getting to know my campers and their strengths in sports. Teaching them skills, doing…

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Preschool: Week 8

What a Summer in Preschool! Caption the main photo here Wow, how quickly the weeks of camp have flown by! We can hardly believe that…

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Preschool: Waterfront Week 8

2019 Swim Wrap-Up! YAY for the DEEP! What a FANTASTIC summer of Swim for the Regesh Preschool Campers. We have just wrapped up the last…

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Regesh Girls: Rakefet Week 8

Rakefet Summer 2019 Rocked the Camp! Caption the main photo here THESE ARE THE TOP 10 MOMENTS WE WILL REMEMBER MOST You Must Write a…

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Girls Camp: Waterfront Week 8

Super Swim Wrap-Up! Best Swim Team! EPIC!! A fantastic summer jam-packed with incredible swim memories at the Girls Waterfront. With hot heat and gorgeous weather…

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Boys Camp: Week 7

1234! An Awesome, Rocking, Color War! Color War!!! The week started like any other week- Awesome! Leauges, instructional swim, specialties, lunch… nothing gave away what…

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Boys camp: Waterfront Week 7

look colors It’s been another colorful week in camp especially with the war between red and blue in full swing for 3 days. Although due…

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