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Girls Camp: Week 6

What a jam packed week 6! Running through rainbows Caption the main photo here What a fabulous week this has been in Camp Regesh Girls!…

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Girls Camp: Rakefet: Week 6

The best bunk around! Happy Birthday Shane! Didn’t think Rakefet could get any better, but I was wrong! This week we had super fun activities.…

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Girls Camp: Sports: Week 6

Leadership Energy Appreciation Girls Unity Effort Sportsmanship Junior League Champions! Caption the main photo here “We Are The Champions My Friends…..” 4 League teams, 3…

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Preschool Week 6

A week of super awesome and magical fun! Preschoolers here and ready for action! Week 6 in the Camp Regesh Preschool was magical! It was…

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Preschool: Waterfront Week 6

Preschool: Waterfront Week 6 Deep Water Swimmers! We had another fantastic week with the Preschool Waterfront!  Many more campers have been practicing jumping into six…

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Boys Camp – Week 5

Second Half! Second to None! Pure Regesh Exhilaration! Second Half- Second to none! Where should we begin?! This was absolutely the most amazing week! Despite…

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Boys Camp: Waterfront Week 5

Storming Into the Second Half! Doing the back float for an entire swim period! Second half at the Boys Waterfront began with a refreshing splash!…

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