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Boys Camp: Waterfront Week 6

This week started off with a splash, but a hurricane can’t stop the waterfront! With the help of the division heads we still had plenty…

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Girls Camp Week 6

It’s been a week of adventure! On Monday, Camp Regesh began their journey to the Mid-East with a fabulous and interactive drumming circle activity. Our…

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Girl’s Camp: Rakefet Week 8

Week 6 was the best week yet! The girls couldn’t wait to reunite after the weekend. The excitement began on Monday, with an amazing, fantastic…

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Girls Sports Update – Week 6

Power? Who needs power when you have so much energy coming from girls sports!?! R1 started off the week with a competitive game of team…

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Preschool Week 6

Soccer, Basketball Gaga, Kickball Name any sport – We love them all!   Week 6 in the Preschool was jam packed with running, kicking and…

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Boys Camp Week 5

WOW! Thank you Hashem for another amazing week and allowing us to start off second half excited, healthy and safe! A roller coaster week, from playoffs…

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Boy’s Camp: Romeim Week 5

ROMEIM Caption the main photo here What an awesome week to start the second half of the best summer ever! As always, we began each…

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