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Preschool Week 3

Wacky and Out of this World! Week Creating Alien Spaceships The temperature outside sure is hot, but here at the Camp Regesh Preschool, our campers…

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Camp Regesh: Boys Camp Week 3

Regesh Ruach, EVERYWHERE! Regesh Campers breaking it down! People say Regesh is great place to be. And I’ve got to hand it those folks… they’re…

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Girls Camp: Week 3

Another fabulous week in camp! Boulders Game What a week, this week was!!! All together we’re the mightiest crew… Camp Regesh is for me and…

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Girls Camp: Week3/Rakefet

Another Exciting Week in Rakefet Rakefet at the Boulders Game Ra Ra Ra Ra Rakefet…. Rakefet had an amazing time in camp this week! Rakefeters…

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Regesh Girls 2017: Week 2

With excited feelings in the air, we can’t believe that week 2 is over and we are so looking forward to the start of week…

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Rakefet 2017: Week 2

R-A-K-E-F-E-T… Rakefet had an incredible second week of camp!! Rakefeters came in on Monday all dressed in red, white, and blue, to celebrate July 4!…

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