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Regesh Boys Waterfront 2017: Week 2

Another great week at the Boy’s Waterfront! Instructional swim is in full swing. Campers are having fun learning and practicing new skills, which range from…

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Boys Camp

WOW! Its great to be back in Camp Regesh! Not just back in Regesh, but back in our brand new fabulous, beautiful new home! The…

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Boys Camp: Junior Division

We welcome everyone to another great Regesh summer (just a different address!), which began with a terrific start at Parent’s orientation. Meeting many boys for…

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Boys Camp: Senior Division

Before getting to the “meat and potatoes” of the article we would like to welcome back Dovid Herbsman (Counselor 6UP) who missed the first few…

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Boys Camp: Swim

We had an amazing first week of camp at the boy’s waterfront! Campers enjoyed our bigger and deeper pools, as well as the water slide.…

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Girls Camp

Welcome to Camp Regesh 2017!!! We are so excited to welcome back so many familiar faces, and a great big welcome to all the new…

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Girls Camp: Rakefet

Ra Ra Ra Ra Rakefefet… Rakefet started off the first week of camp already having a blast! On Monday Rakefet started off the week laughing…

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