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Boys camp: Waterfront Week 7

look colors It’s been another colorful week in camp especially with the war between red and blue in full swing for 3 days. Although due…

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Girls Camp, Week 7

Check out our jam-packed, incredibly awesome week at Camp!! Rakefet Carnival! Camp Regesh began week 7 by welcoming back our favorite clown: Ned!!! But that’s…

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Girls Camp: Rakefet week 7

Rakefet Week 7 Caption the main photo here This week, Rakefet welcomed 3 fantastic new campers Netty, Liora, and Chaya. Together, we went on 2…

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Girls Camp: Sports Week 7

Regesh Rocks the Sports! Talent wins games but TEAMWORK and Intelligence wins Championships! – Michael Jordan   Round two of Leagues are in full swing…

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Girls Camp: Waterfront Week 7

SWIM NEWS! Front Float Ready! What a week! Week 7 was all about practice and perfect. Campers have been hard at work strengthening their skills…

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Preschool Week 7

Rainbow Week! White & Blue for Israel Day! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Shiny Blue, Purple, too! All the colors that we know Hashem put in…

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Preschool: Waterfront Week 7

SWIM NEWS!! Loving the Deep! WOWOW! What a big week at Preschool Swim! We had so many more campers getting comfortable in deep and a…

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Boys Camp: Week 6

JAM-PACKED REGESH STYLE Week 6 – What a Ball! What a week! Filled with laughs, excitement, memories and more, week six flew by in a…

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boys waterfront week 6

staying safe in the water front Regesh Guards Rock! What a week at the water front. The kids enjoyed the nice cool water on these…

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Girls Camp: Week 6

Color War hits Girls Camp this week!!! COLOR WAR!!! Boulders game!!! What a week it’s been at Camp Regesh!!! Take me out to the ballgame…Camp…

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