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Girls Camp: Week 7

What is black and white and fun all over? COLOR WAR 2018! Another fabulous week has gone by in Camp Regesh! All campers are experiencing an…

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Girls Camp: Rakefet: Week 7

Rakefet had another AMAZING week! Happy Birthday! This week’s Rakefet Regesh Review is packed because we were overflowing with fun this week! First of all,…

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Girls Camp: Sports: Week 7

We got Ruach how about you?! Skills and Drills! We’ve got ruach yes we do, we’ve got ruach how about you? COLOR WAR!!! Preschool Skills…

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Swim News! SWIM SMILES! We had a fabulous fun filled week at the pools!  With the heat came a free swim filled with counselors and…

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Preschool Week 7

Color Week! Go Green Team! “Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Shiny Blue, Purple Too! All The Colors That We Know Live Up in The Rainbow!”  …

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Preschool: Waterfront Week 7

Preschool: Waterfront Week 7 Hailey Teller (KA) passed the Deep Water Test! We had another fantastic week at preschool swim!  The campers are making major…

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