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Boys Camp: Romeim Week 7

Week 7 – COLOR WAR! Caption the main photo here With the summer winding down, we’re still having an absolute blast! We started the week…

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Boys Camp: Junior Division

Color War “invades“ Camp Regesh Team of Bracha Acharona gets ready for action! As we come towards the end of the summer, it seems appropriate…

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Girls Camp Week 7

Week 7- NON-STOP FUN! Loving COLOR RUN! What a jam- packed, action-filled week it’s been! Week seven blew us out of the park from the…

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Girls Camp: Rakefet Week 7

To start off an amazing week 7, we saw the awesome sky riders do unbelievable tricks on their trampoline. Monday was hard to beat, but…

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Girls Camp: Waterfront Week 7

SWIM NEWS! SWIM SMILES 🙂 Week 7 means COLOR WAR!!! The energy was electric!! Cheering and swimming were the perfect combo for heated swim races…

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Preschool Week 7

…all the colors that we know Hashem put in the RAINBOW! More RAINBOW COLORS, please! Caption the main photo here Red and Orange, Yellow, Green,…

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Preschool: Waterfront Week 7

SWIM NEWS!! SWIM SMILES 🙂 WOWOW! What a big week at Preschool Swim! We had so many more campers getting comfortable in the deep and…

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Boy’s Camp: Week 6

You Cannot Stop Regesh! A week like no other! Straight off a restful and refreshing Shabbat Nachamu, the music up and the windows down… er……

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Boys Camp: Romeim Week 6

Amazing end to week 6! View from the hike! Week 6 was a crazy week… but we still had a blast! We started off the…

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