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Boys Camp: Romeim Week 1

Romeim Rules! With the start of camp, even our mask could not hide our smiles in the Romeim Division! Led by the great Elisha Shmutter,…

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Boys Camp: Waterfront Week 1

We had an amazing first week of camp at the boy’s waterfront! Campers enjoyed our deep pools, as well as the water slide. Instructional swim…

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Girls Camp Week 1

WELCOME CAMP REGESH! Caption the main photo here YES! CAMP IS OPEN!!! WELCOME TO REGESH 2020!!! We could see everyone’s giant smiles- even under your…

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Girls Camp: Rakefet Week 1

Wow wow wow!! After a few months of worldwide quarantine, Rakefet is at it! We started off the week with some fitness, pumping us up…

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Girls Camp: Waterfront Week 1

DIVE IN TO SWIM NEWS! SWIM SMILES! WELCOME BACK to the best Swim Program in any Camp! What a great first week with fantastic swim weather! The Girls Waterfront…

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Preschool Week 1

Yay, Yay, USA! 4th of July Collage Painting Hooray, summer is finally here! Camp Regesh is OPEN! Let’s all cheer! Ra-Ra-Regesh, Regesh #1! Ra-Ra-Regesh, we’re…

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Preschool: Waterfront Week 1

SWIM NEWS! SWIM SMILES! Welcome to the littlest fish in Camp Regesh! It was an amazing first week of swim for the Camp Regesh Preschool! This summer our…

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Boys Camp: Week 8

The ABC’s of Camp Regesh Boys Camp! A Amazing Atmosphere. The feeling you get in Regesh is something you won’t find anywhere in the world.…

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