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Boys Camp Week 2

NON STOP ACTION! You know, it’s incredible and it still gets me every time I think about it. Two or three months ago, we’d have…

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Boys Camp: Romeim Week 2

Is the grass greener on the other side? No, but Astroturf is. Monday, the Romeim division visited the ANF Astroturf field for an awesome game…

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Boys Camp: Senior Division Week 2

WEEK 2 WAS AWESOME! Regesh Survivor! ‘Two’ weeks of camp and it couldn’t get ‘too’ much better. On Monday, we jumped right in“to” things (maybe…

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Boys Camp: WaterFront

We had an amazing second week of camp at the boy’s waterfront! After surviving Tuesday’s activities of games and puzzles everyone enjoyed the pools even…

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Girls Camp: Week Two

IT’S A PARTY AT REGESH! What an AWESOME, JAM PACKED, FUN FILLED week two!! REGESH SURVIVOR put us to the test on Tuesday and proved…

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Girls Camp: Rakefet Week 2

The Rakefet girls of Regesh had an awesome second week!!! Both bunks started off the week with a meaningful davening together where we thanked Hashem…

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Girls Camp: Sports Update Week 2

Girls Sports – Week Two Update Monday started off with an introduction to the game BBK where we incorporate basketball, baseball and kickball all into…

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Girls Camp: Waterfront Week 2

SWIMTASTIC NEWS! SWIM SMILES! The first 2 weeks of Camp are in the books- Wow! We had a fabulous week of Swim with the magnificent hot weather. Swim Instruction is…

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Preschool: Week 2

Ra-Ra-Regesh Regesh Number One! Ra-Ra-Regesh We’re Having Lots of Fun, Hey! Week Two in the Ra-Ra-Regesh Preschool was rockin’!   On Monday, the yeladim were…

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Preschool: Waterfront Week 2

SWIM NEWS! DEEP SWIMMERS! What a great week at Preschool swim! Campers have all been enjoying Instructional Swim with their instructors daily. Preschool swim groups are small…

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Boys Camp Week 1

We’re back! We have been counting down the days since we waved goodbye last summer. As months went by and quarantine set in we davened…

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