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Boys Camp: Week 4

A Week of Champions Playland Park! Words cannot describe the amount of pure Regesh exhilaration that was generated this week! From Playland Park to Ireland,…

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Junior Division Week 4

Junior Division Boys Hit Rye Playland “Out of the Park“ More summer fun at Rye Playland As we completed week 4 with World Cup (good…

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Boys Waterfront: Week 4

SWIMMERS FROM FARAWAY SHORES! What an action packed week! Even with trips to Mountain Creek or Playland Park, the waterfront was the place to be.…

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Girls Camp, Week 4

Week 4 leaves us wanting more!! Caption the main photo here We can’t believe how fast week four flew by! Is camp already halfway over?!…

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Girls Camp: Rakefet Week 4

This past week has been the perfect ending to a fantastic month. All week we worked and dedicated time to putting together both an outstanding…

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Girls Camp: Sports Week 4

Championship League Winners:Team Wave went all the wayyyyyy! Each week, girl’s campus has pushed and pushed themselves to try new sports, practice their skills, play…

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Preschool Week 4

Here Come the Builders! Preschool Builders Hard At Work! What a fantastic week in the Camp Regesh Preschool! Throughout Preschool’s “Builders” Week, the yeladim focused…

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Preschool: Waterfront Week 4

Preschool Swim News It was another fantastic swim week for the Regesh Preschool. With the hot heat our Preschool campers enjoyed every minute at the…

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Boys Camp Week 3

OUT OF THIS WORLD! There are really no words to describe this past week in camp. But you gotta try! This Monday we arrived back…

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