• August 15, 2019

Regesh Girls: Rakefet Week 8

Regesh Girls: Rakefet Week 8

Rakefet Summer 2019 Rocked the Camp!

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Trip to 5 Wits in the Palisades mall where we took a tour of an ancient mummy’s tomb and successfully escaped.


We went to a beach with an inflatable obstacle course then we went boating.


We took trips to Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins and 7-11.


We went mini golfing and got Dippin’ Dots.


We went to the phenomenal Keensburg Rapid Runaway Water Park where we went on all the rides at least once!


We went to Walmart and completed a competitive scavenger hunt.


We took another trip to the Palisades Mall- this time we went ice skating and had an amazing time!


We took a trip to learn how to paint a sunset in the dark with glow in the dark paints.


We went boating and ‘accidentally’ missed the fire drill because we were stuck in the middle of the lake.


We had the best sleepover ever in which we took a tour around the campus on golf carts, baked cookies, made special face masks, made pillow cases got manicures, had pizza and ice cream, went to high exposure, went swimming until midnight, practiced life-guarding, made s’mores,  and watched Incredibles 2!!!!