• August 21, 2020

Preschool Week 8

Preschool Week 8

Regesh Preschoolers are NUMBER ONE!!!

We had non-stop laughs and fun all summer long!

Wow, how quickly the weeks of camp have flown by! We can hardly believe that our time spent each day together in the Camp Regesh Preschool is coming to a close. What an unbelievable time we spent together!

Each of our boys and girls was awarded a personalized certificate to acknowledge and praise their mitzvot, good middot, and exemplary talents. We are so proud of our preschoolers! The children ended off the last day at camp by singing the Camp Regesh theme song aloud all together. How close and united we have all become!

The Noteworthy Campers of Week 8 are:

Oira Litchfield (P1) always has a positive attitude and is a great role model for her friends! Raychee Goldberg (P1) is a great slime poker and creative artist! Bella Zieg (P1) amazing and loud davener and great siddur carrier! Jojo Golomb (P1) a strong swimmer and fast runner! Chana Schonfeld (P1) the limbo champion and outstanding parsha listener! Shua Raices (P1) an excellent castle builder and swing pusher! Chaim Werzberger (P1) impressive soccer skills!   Talia Fuerst (P1) super fast changer and great line leader!  Zoey Vegh (P2) an amazing line leader who loves to participate in all activities! Avinoam Schlenger (P2) for being such a kind and caring friend! Oren Holtzman (P2) always with a smile on his face and ready to try something new! Yonatan Holzman (P3) always listens to instructions! Bailey Bersson (P3) always has a smile on her face and gives the best hugs! Liam Klimovsky (P3) best at ropes! Maya Joseph (P3) made new friends so fast! Sophie Bendheim (P3) an amazing friend to everyone! Amalya Block (P3) amazing on the swings and the playground! Liv Rockoff (P3) best davener! Eitan Polachek (P4) always so happy and has the best smile! Leora Gordon (P4) an amazing davener and a caring friend! Aryeh Westreich (P5) awesome swimmer! Lexi Deutch (P5) talented song composer! Tali Cohn (P6) Fabulous pool noodle “fisherman” and marvelous playground mommy! Jordana Sultan (P7) gentle friend, best underwater bubble blower, fastest hoola hooper! Aleah Fruchter (P8) unbelievably helpful going out of her way to help out the morahs or her friends! Zoey Baratz (P9) MVP sports camper, go Zoey! Noa Hasson (P9) always happy and a great support in every activity!


Here are some highlights and favorite memories from Summer 2020:

P1– Ropes course, car wash, the bunk working together so nicely in drama and other activities, making yummy projects in cook and bake

P2– Playing fun games with the flags at pedal carts, our matching days when the campers wore their camp shirts to dress up like the counselors, swimming together everyday in the pool and boating in the lake! Swinging on the playground swings together

P3– Washing the cars during pioneering, eating our projects after cook and bake, swimming together everyday

P4– Watching the kids being so brave on the zipline! Teaching the campers swimming and helping them become advanced swimmers, cook and bake with Gila was always fun, seeing how nicely the whole bunk interacted together, cared for each other and became good friends!

P5– Boating around the fountain, jumping in the pool, skills and drills with Miriam, sliding and climbing up the slide in the playground

P6– Riding and petting the horses, learning new skills in the pool and watching the children become brave swimmers! Singing together at our weekly Shabbos party and hearing the campers congratulate each other on being the camper of the week!

P7– Watching the children thoughtfully pick their prizes for Camper of the Week at Shabbos Party, applauding the campers when they passed the Deep Water Test, welcoming the campers each morning at drop-off, making balls and stuffed animals pop up and down on the colorful parachute

P8– Lower Art with Morah Davida, the Drumming Show, The Return of Ned! boating, sandplay, swimming in the pools everyday, ropes and zip-lining!

P9– We love singing and playing in music, we enjoyed baking new and exciting treats, playing in the water is our excitement of the day

N– sandplay, davening together with our music and always hearing the kids singing the songs, running through the sprinklers, making the binoculars and going on the nature walk together


We sure had an unbelievable summer, filled with wonderful memories that will stay with us in our hearts as we head into the new school year.

Best wishes for a great and healthy year ahead to each and every one of our campers and Camp Regesh families. We look forward to seeing our friends back again next Summer, 2021!! Ra-Ra-Regesh, Regesh Number 1!

Morah Davida, Preschool Director