• July 31, 2020

Preschool: Week 5

Preschool: Week 5

Amazing Mitzvos and Middos Week!

Our mitzvos help rebuild the beis hamikdash!

Tzedakah, tzedakah, tzedakah, that is what we give
To the poor people, to help them live!
Because it’s a mitzvah to help every Jew
No matter WHAT, and no matter WHO!

Amazing Mitzvot and Middot Week in the Preschool was positively, well, amazing!

The week started off with an extra fun and silly show, “The Return of Ned!” The children all giggled along as Ned told puns and jokes while performing incredible- and hilarious- magic tricks. The children watched in amazement as Ned juggled not 1, not 2, not 3, but… 5 PINS while riding atop a unicycle! Wow, we’ve never seen anything like it! For the grand finale, and to the amazement of all, Ned juggled real fire! Astounding! But be sure not to try it at home!

This week, in honor of the 9 days, the yeladim learned about how Hashem’s house, the Beit Hamikdash, was destroyed by the enemies of Israel. By focusing extra hard on our good middos and by doing even more mitzvot, we can all help bring the coming of moshiach and the rebuilding of the Beit Hamikdash! In chinuch, the yeladim listened attentively to some our favorite children stories about doing mitzvot. The children also learned the story of Hashem choosing Har Sinai and the very important lessons that we can learn from that story related to humility. The children then enjoyed a fun mitzvah game and jumped on a check when Morah said a story with a mitzvah and jumped on X when Morah said a story without a mitzvah. We hope to do many mitzvot and continue to make Hashem and our parents proud!

In the Lower Art Room this week, the children created special Mitzvah Cards, decorated with multimedia and a collage of images depicting some of our favorite mitzvot on the backdrop of the kotel wall, including: giving tzedakah, using kind words, sharing our toys and cleaning up after ourselves! So many simple, yet important mitzvot that we can do each and every day!

In Cook and Bake the children created, what else? An edible kotel wall! What could be more fitting for the 9 days, and more delicious?!

In Pioneering, the children cooled off from the hot summer heat with an extra fun and extra wet activity-  car washing! The yeladim of each bunk worked together with their bunkmates to create plenty of soapy suds and took turns passing around sponges. Fun and teamwork is always a winning combination!

In Sports Clinic this week, the yeladim focused on base running and learning how to properly kick a ball. The children also learned the order of the bases and which base to run to first after they kick the ball.

Other activities the children continue to enjoy throughout the week include: zip-lining, dance, music and movement, pedal carts, sand play, boating, drama and the preschool basketball courts!

Mazal Tov wishes to the Noteworthy Campers of Week 5!

They are: Yehoshua Kraines (P1) amazing participant at the car wash- had a blast! Makayla Messite (P2) went to every activity with a smile, happy and ready to participate! Kira Hooper (P3) so happy to learn how to swim each day! Yehuda Arkovitz (P4) amazing artist and great sports player! Ian Epstein (P5) exemplary middos! Eden Deutsch (P5) wonderful smile and great at making a new friend feel welcomed! Gavin Moskowitz (P6) brave swimmer and generous sharer of toys and books! Raquel Simony (P7) happy smile and graceful dancer! Jacob Banda (P7) star athlete and nature enthusiast. Moey Fisher (P8) after lunch cleanup helper! Mimi Feurst (P8) for taking turns nicely! Joseph Fried (P9) best sportsmanship in kickball! Joey Leidner (N) all around happy camper!

Additional Mazal Tovs to our newest Deep Water Swimmers of Week 6! They are:
Chaim Werzberger (P1) Bella Zieg (P1) Kayla Chubak (P2) Sari Strulowitz and (P3) Henry Tarlowe (P4). Mazal Tov!


Wishing all of our families an enjoyable and relaxing shabbos Nachamu. We look forward to our sports intensive Skills and Drills week next week!


Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Davida