• August 21, 2020

Girls Camp: Week 8

Girls Camp: Week 8

Goodbye Camp Regesh!

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It’s been a PARTY at Regesh Girls Camp 2020! Remember when we didn’t even know if camp would open and now- can you believe- it’s already over?!  Wash your hands doo- doo- doo-doo…. We jumped right into the summer of sanitizing (shout out to the One’s counselors) with a new normal of social distancing, mask wearing and sanitizing. We all wondered what “corona camp” would be like and guess what?! It was Regesh like we always remembered it- and better than ever!!

Do you remember Red, White and Blue Day?! The BMX show? Survivor Day was a day to remember as each tribe competed, got soaked and won awesome prizes! What about the surprise Danny Palagon concert? Our slumber party, crazy bingo at our retirement party, the cake off competition, woa!!!!!! This year Camp Regesh took a wild turn into the world of magic in week three. Alex Mehl came and astounded us with some crazy magic tricks and secrets. Then, the invitations started arriving in the mail (we hope yours all came by now!) You have been invited to the Regesh Wizarding Academy! Magical potions exploded throughout camp, dementors on the loose, spells were studied and practiced… Camp Regesh is the most magical place to be! In case you thought our brains were getting waterlogged from the awesome Regesh pools…. Al the Game Show guy was back for some incredible trivia and fun! All fired questions and competition galore and had us rolling – we want him back! Sports in Camp Regesh cannot be beat which is why we were super pumped for Insane Sports Day 2020!!!! Competition, sportsmanship and good middot are all what make sports in Regesh so legendary- great job to all of our competitors and congrats to our winners! And of course- thank you to all of the loyal bunkmates who kept on cheering their friends on! The Wonder Puppet Theater was as incredible as ever and warmed us up to get ready for The Return of Ned! What would Camp Regesh be without our favorite clown, comedian and magician?! Ned knocked us out of the park once again in an incredible show! As we neared the 9 days, Girls Camp worked on improving our Ahavat Yisroel through a meaningful Chessed Day and an inspiring Cantata. Who remembers Erev Shabbos trivia?! How old is Sara? How do you spell Chaitovsky? We sure learned a lot about Regesh this year! Hurricane Isias ripped through New Jersey but nothing can stop Camp Regesh! We toured the Mid- East exploring the cuisine, culture and history. The drumming circle really got us in the spirit. Then, we moved on to an awesome Israel Game Show as well as expressing our appreciation to the Israeli soldiers.  How many golf cart rides did you win this summer? Or did you prefer gatorades? Our bracelet program sure was a hit! Great job to all of our amazing campers who earned them at lightning speed (and counselors who gave them out even faster!)!! Crazy hat day can’t be beat and Pirate Day was truly an adventure! Socially distanced color run was the best yet! And then it was Color War! Rachel, Rachelli, Sarala and Sara ran the most incredible Color War from gorgeous banners, amazing songs, rocking cheers, dances, stomps, skits and more…woa!! The last week of summer featured a fantastic water slide wonderland where campers splashed, slid and got soaked! We concluded the summer with a pumping, rocking concert with Mordechai Shapiro! No one does it like Camp Regesh!!!

As the summer comes to a close, I would like to give a giant thank you to each and every one of our counselors and JCs for making the summer AWESOME!!! It’s no secret that our staff is top notch and the ones who make Camp Regesh the best camp on earth!! We love you!

Special thanks goes to our incredible division heads!! From band aids to lunch to missing bathing suits and boating (haha) you are ROCKSTARS!!! Thank you for always being there for your counselors and campers (and me) in every way possible. Everyone knows- “Your division head is your best friend!”

Last but not least a HUGE thank you to the one and only Devo!! I will not start listing because I will not be able to stop but let’s just say: “Regesh runs on Devorah!”  Where would we be without you (and your golf cart)?!? Thank you for making sure everything in camp runs so beautifully and smoothly!


Love, Chaya Aidy, Program Director