• July 31, 2020

Girls Camp: Week 5

Girls Camp: Week 5

Feel the Regesh Spirit!

Girls camp week 5 was a week to be remembered! We began the week by welcoming back the one and only NED!!!  Regesh’s favorite clown never fails to live up to his reputation, keeping our campers enthralled until the very last minute. Ned’s tricks never grow old as he eats fire, shows off his master juggling and has us roaring with laughter at every joke (even if it’s the hundredth time we’ve heard them!)

What was your chessed mission on Chessed Day?! Tuesday found our campers, searching for ways to be kind to each other. Campers were busy complimenting others, helping clean up, showing gratitude and exhibiting their beautiful middot.  In culmination, we created a camp “Chessed Board” where each camper posted their own handprint representing the act of kindness that they performed.

On Wednesday, Camp Regesh prepared for Tisha B’Av by watching a beautiful cantata put on by our very own head staff. The campers followed Nilly on her journey as she discovered her Jewish identity and found the courage to make changes in her life. We discussed how we can all make positive changes in our lives to become better people.

This week, we have a special davening mention for bunk 4C in their incredible davening! In the One’s division, we are so impressed by how the campers are genuinely happy for their friends who win their davening raffle even when they are hoping that they would win! Our campers have been earning bracelets at high speed; they are even awarding them to staff members! Dylan (2C) gave Morah Esty one of her bracelets along with a letter of gratitude and a gift- wow!

Erev Shabbos trivia as a blast as always (even though no one could spell Rabbi C’s name). Congrats to the One’s who know the most about Camp Regesh. For this week’s party, we celebrated with a game of ultimate cake wars! Each bunk got their own cake along with an awesome assortment of toppings. Lentils, chocolate chips, lassos, marshmallows, sprinkles- you name it, we got it! The clock was ticking and the competition ran high as each bunk received 15 minutes to create a masterpiece depicting the theme of “Party.” We were so impressed with the creativity and teamwork that each bunk displayed- job well done!

Can’t wait to see you back for an AWESOME week 6 featuring the Middle Eastern adventure, pirate adventure and a wacky, awesome STAFF NIGHT!

Shabbat Shalom!

Chaya Aidy Liff , Girls Program Director