• August 15, 2019

Girls Camp: Waterfront Week 8

Girls Camp: Waterfront Week 8

Super Swim Wrap-Up!

Best Swim Team!

EPIC!! A fantastic summer jam-packed with incredible swim memories at the Girls Waterfront. With hot heat and gorgeous weather the pools were the place to be in 2019.

WOW. It has been a journey like no other for those campers who started out timid on the steps- to move on to blowing bubbles, dunking, floating, kicking and the ultimate goal of Swimming! Deep Water Orientation for beginner swimmers is always a highlight. First the nerves then excitement as they take their first leap in to the Deep Water.

For campers who came in Swimming, we watched in awe as they worked refining their strokes and swimming skills. The 4 Kicks; Flutter, Whip, Dolphin & Scissor, were all perfected to make way for stroke development. Front Crawl, Elementary Backstroke, Sidestroke, Breaststroke, Back Crawl & Butterfly. Strokes paired with Jumping, Diving, Surface Dives & Turns, our girls have become superstar swimmers.

Rings, rockets, noodles, kickboards and most importantly trained Lifeguards, our girls had hands on experience as they developed and improved throughout the summer. With our own Swim Lingo; Pizza Pies – Shark Fins – Rocket Ships – Monkey Airplane Soldier – Arms Breathe Kick Glide – Bend Open Close and more, we blended “fun” and “learn” to give Camp Regesh Girls the ultimate swim experience.

For the last time this summer!! Diving Superstars of week 8: Ruby Breda (2B), Emily Jacoby (1A), Maya Rabbani (3C), Sarah Rubinstein (4B) & Bree Wolf (2B)

Snapshot of 2019 Swim Skill Shoutouts

Front Float: Kayla Leving (1A), Gilly Maidenbaum (1B) & Sari Schoenrun (1B)

Back Float: Erinne Brown (1B), Keira Fogel (1A) & Annie Schwartz (1A)

Front Crawl: Orly Goldberg (2B), Abby Herman (3B) & Samantha Shaw (4B)

Elementary Backstroke: Maya Danishefsky (3A), Nomi Green (4A) & Lilah Katler (1B)

Sidestroke: Michal Berkowitz (3B), Reese Schmell (3B) & Dana Wisotsky (2B)

Breaststroke: Tiferet Goodman (5), Libby Packard (2A) & Allie Zisholtz (3A)

Backcrawl: Sophia Heller (2A), Ayla Lutwak (5) & Maya Rudner (3C)

Butterfly: Tamar Becker (3B), Eliora Bloom (3C) & Talia Katz (R)

Thank you to our amazing team of devoted lifeguards. As always you outdid yourselves and gave the campers a memorable summer of swimming.

Have a wonderful year and don’t forget to practice swimming!!

Swim cards have been sent home with your girls – enjoy!

See you all next summer

Adina Schonfeld