• July 31, 2020

Girls Camp: Waterfront Week 5

Girls Camp: Waterfront Week 5



We made it! Mega Heat Wave has got nothing on us at the Regesh pools Рit was awesome! Lots of our swimmers this week were busy working on the Butterfly! The girls were hard at work on their dolphin kicks before they started adding in their arms and breathing.

Special shout out to some outstanding dolphin kickers: Sydney Goldberg 3A, Lea Joseph 2C & Lila Katler 2B

Special shout out to some outstanding butterfly swimmers: Eliora Bloom 4C, Vianna Ifraimov 5B & Reva Schreiber 5A

Major goals crushed this week in the 1 Bunks!  More and more campers have been building up the strength to pass the deep water test. It has been so exciting to see the girls master the treading and have the confidence to take the test!

Week 5 Diving Superstars: Mimi Feuer 1D, Emily Jacoby 2B, Lielle Rockoff 4C & Ellie Westreich 2C

*Please note: Camp Regesh does NOT provide goggles. If your daughter needs goggles to swim please send them in labeled so they don’t get lost.

Looking forward to another great week!

Adina Schonfeld, Girls Head Lifeguard