• August 16, 2019

Girls Camp: Sports Week 8

Girls Camp: Sports Week 8

Summer Highlights!

We shoot high at Camp Regesh!

Week 1 – Getting to know my campers and their strengths in sports. Teaching them skills, doing drills and learning the rules of the game for each sport.

Week 2 – Let the games begin! Leagues 2019 was incredible our first half of the summer. There was so much Ruach and excitement out on the courts and fields.

Week 3 – Water baseball, water balloons and water squirties to help cool down our campers. Who says we can’t get wet while playing our games?

Week 4 – 1st half of our League Ceremony: And our winning trophies went to Team Wave!!!!!!

Week 5 – Introducing Flag Football to our 4’s, 5’s and Rakefet. This sport took off and the girls couldn’t get enough. Ready, Set, Hike

Week 6 – Color war and Pre-school skills & Drills was a week of sports around the clock. Our preschoolers were incredible out on the fields playing every sport we have to offer at Camp Regesh. So much excitement and energy!

Week 7 – Round 2 of Leagues was just as exciting as our first half with additional sports to play head to head.

Week 8 -Our closing ceremony and our medals go to the 3’s PINK team!!!!  Special shout out to Abigail Small for being the last man standing!


Our MVP and Sportsmanship awards for our first half of the summer went to:

1A– Emily Jacoby and Mae Lebovitch (Sportsmanship) Tamar Sarasohn and Keira Fogel (MVP)

1B– Erinne Brown and Julia Kozlovsky (Sportsmanship) Jade Hasson and Meital Sugarman (MVP)

2A- Elizabeth Packers and Aleeza Wurzburger (Sportsmanship) Bree Heller and Olive Sheps (MVP)

2B– Shana Bersson and Sophia Friedman (Sportsmanship) Rachel Rosenbaum and Ayala Zak (MVP)

3A– Coco Hersko (MVP)

3B– Tamar Becker (MVP)

3C– Dassi Benheim (Sportsmanship)

4A– Kira Cohn (Sportsmanship)

4B– Molly Jacobs (Sportsmanship) and Regan Wolf (Sportsmanship)

5- Zoe Goldman (MVP)

R- Allie Baum – (MVP)

Congratulations girls!!!


Additional trophies went out to each bunk:



1A: Mia Weisberg (M), Kayla Levine (S) & Eliana Kaplan (SP)

1B: Hailey Teller (M), Kayla Rotbard (S) & Rachelle Rosen (SP)

2A: Liv Goldman (M), Elizabeth (Libby)Packard (S) & Annie Altman (SP)

2B: Hadassah Stein (M), Ruby Breda (S) & Batsheva Chaitovsky (SP)

3A: Ava Schiffman (M), Lauren Weisberg (S) & Allie Zisholtz (SP)

3B: Michal Berkowitz (M), Abby Herman (S) & Kayla Rieder (SP)

3C: Rebecca Sassoon (MVP), Tamar Meyer (S) & Maya Rudner (SP)

4A: Shayna Spinowitz (M), Lannie Metal (S) & Reva Schreiber (SP)

4B: Sarah Rubinstein (M), Vianna Ifraimov (S), & Yocheved Levy (SP)

5: Kara Nussbaum (M), Orah Levi (S), & Mimi Yaniv (SP)

R: Liora Orshten (M), Talia Katz (S), & Chaya Levy (SP)


Awards for the 1’s & 2’s Incredible Sportsmanship & Teamwork Award goes to Bunk 1A!  Great Cheering, Ruach and Friendship Award goes to Bunk 1B!  The Physical Skills Award – having Coordination / Speed and Strength goes to Bunk 2A!  Leadership, Honesty and Positive attitude Award goes to Bunk – 2B!

Go Girls Campus!!!!!


What I have learned from My Campers Summer 2019

Pre-k: Not every camper can run, catch and throw but they ALL keep practicing, working on the underlying skills and best of all have fun!

Kindergarten : Not every camper can play as a team but they are beginning to look for one another, pass to one another and share the ball with one another.

1st graders: Not every camper can hold the bat the correct way and follow through with their swing but they continue to keep at it and don’t give up.

2nd graders: Not every camper can take turns and or pass the ball to a friend but they are willing to hustle more and say “good game” while shaking hands at the end of every game.

3rd graders: Not every camper can run as fast as they would like in order to make it to a base and be safe but the effort is always there with a smile on their face.

4th graders: Not every camper can pitch the ball in baseball but they do love to continue to try and they don’t give up.

5th graders: Not every camper can shoot at the foul line but their shooting gets better and better with perseverance.

Rakefet: Not every camper is intrested in all the sports we offer at Camp Regesh but when they get out there to play with each other they have a blast!


One common denominator between for ALL of my campers is the incredible Ruach, Great Sportsmanship and best of all the pure joy of having FUN!!!!!  My campers at Camp Regesh not only learned the skills to perform better at each sport but the importance to work as a TEAM, play as a TEAM and best of all have fun as a TEAM.  A big shout out goes to ALL of the counselors and JCs for their dedication and love they give to their campers on a day to day basis. We could not have done it all without the help from each and every one  of you – THANK YOU!  I hope all my campers will take what they have learned this summer and continue to play throughout the year and to always have FUN!

Thank you for allowing Coach Enya and myself the opportunity to teach, coach, and best of all, form wonderful friendships with each and every one of your children. I hope your children had a wonderful summer and will continue to get out there and enjoy the game.

Good luck with the upcoming school year.

Coach Lisa (Head of sports on girls campus) and Coach Enya