• July 31, 2020

Girls Camp: Sports Week 5

Girls Camp: Sports Week 5

It may have been a short week at Regesh but there was no limit of fun and games on the girls’ courts & fields.  Monday started with an introduction to the game I like to call “BDD” but – ask any of the campers that played – they would prefer a cooler name like “D4.”  The point of the game is to try and maintain a dribble while attempting to knock your opponent’s basketball out of their hands.  Trust me, this isn’t an easy task, but for the campers at Camp Regesh they have no problem accepting the challenge. We had some very interesting team names this week like team “Oompa Loomapa”, “Glitter” and “Bubble Gum” (I guess that’s all part of the fun when the campers get to chose their team names.)

In Volleyball, R1 thought they would never be able to get on their buses and go home, but Zoe Goldman & Kayla Rovner were able to return my serve and save the day!

Flag football was a crowd pleaser for 5A & 5B this week. Can’t wait to continue next week for round two!

The first graders enjoyed their day of relay races that included a wheelbarrow race, over-under, running then waving their “magic wands” to transform their counselors into pumpkins and many more.

Now it’s time for Miriam trivia:

1) While the big white tent is a nice and shady option to play sports in, what is one of the obstacles in the tent that stops the ball from being thrown high?
2) What kind of cap should you put on your head, to be able to answer one of my math questions?
3) What are ways to get raffle tickets on E2’s bus?
4) Where is my “office” located?

Have a great Shabbos!!

Sports Counselor,  Miriam Cohen