• August 21, 2020

Girls Camp: Rakefet Week 8

Girls Camp: Rakefet Week 8


Remember when…

  • Remember when we had a friendly but competitive game in pin dodge ball and our bunk won against the other rakefet by one point.
  • Remember when 5 girls got a bullseye in one day!
  • Remember when we all dressed up like different characters.
  • Remember when we went on our awesome trip of Paddle Boarding.
  • Remember when our bunk went to make over 75 Slurpees for the girls staff.
  • Remember when we went to Rockland lake on a awesome hike.
  • Remember when we went to Treetop Adventure outdoor ropes course and climbed the trees!


You can either look forward or backwards and looking back, what we see is a summer full of fun and cheer. Good memories. Surprises and laughs. Looking ahead- we don’t know what will be- we can only guess!!

In 20 years from now…

…Batsheva will have a ranch with Rikki.

…Rena will have a successful, booming business.

…Mimi will be color war captain in Regesh for both teams (at the same time).

…Tommy will finally be graduating high school.

…Suri H will be a swim instructor during instructional swim.

…Ellie will hold record for most won pigeon games.

…Chana will open a slime factory.

…Suri B will still be going camping every other weekend in the summer.

…Shira will say hi to Goldie every morning!

…Maddie will be head of ropes (plus bring swings back to Regesh!)

…Elisheva will open a beauty salon.

…Rikki will make aliya and be neighbors with her sister and brother in law (and Goldie!)

…Blimi will be the best sports counselor.

…Goldie will still be giving piggyback rides (this time without masks!)

…Tova will still be explaining the definition of ‘pish posh’.

And we can’t wait to see where everyone really ends up! Our girls are awesome and are going far in life!

Thank you so much,

Goldie and Elana