• August 16, 2019

Boys Camp: Week 8

Boys Camp: Week 8

The ABC's of Camp Regesh Boys Camp!

A Amazing Atmosphere. The feeling you get in Regesh is something you won’t find anywhere in the world. Hence the name: Regesh- feeling.

B Boulders Game! Oh and all of other awesome trips: Mountain Creek
Water Park, Rye Playland, (Playland Park)  Sportime USA and of course a surprise trip to 7-11. Because we have GORGEOUS GROUNDS we don’t go on trips often, but when we do…

C Counselors and Campers. Baruch Hashem we have the most amazing campers anywhere. To give them the greatest summer ever we couldn’t just have mediocre staff. In a big way, thank you to all our exceptional, devoted, talented, caring, exciting and amazing role models: our counselors. Day in, day out, giving every boy in Regesh everything they’ve got and an amazing summer. Wherever you’re reading this, I believe a standing ovation is in order.

D Division Heads Leading our counselors are our exceptional team of division heads. R’ Minchenberg, Michael, Avromi, Shlomo, Shua, and  Dovi, here’s a personal thank you for all that you individually bring to camp.

E Entertainment! The Extreme Team: Dunk Machines! (I got the microphone and I can do whatever I want!), Steve Max!, The K9 Dog Show! Marc Garfinkel, Mentalist and Illusionist Extraordinaire! Mordechai Shapiro! Cantata! Ned! And of course, our weekly Erev Shabbos Kumzitz, complete with stories and Shabbos Treat Raffles!

F Fishing. That’s right, Fishing! Nowhere else will you find this time honored Regesh Pastime, which is almost as old as camp itself: Cup Fishing!

G Great Specialties. Aside from our daily activities, we’ve got awesome specialties! Horses, Shuffleboard, Arts and Crafts, Ceramics, Cook N’ Bake, Archery, Boating, Peddle carts, even Frisbee training!

H Head Staff! Thank you so much to our awesome head Staff: Shlomo, Dovi, Michoel Bernstein, Rabbi Minchenberg, Avromi and Bentzi. The way we compliment each other and each bring our own professionalism to the mix, is truly inspiring!

I Ice cream and ices for snack! Nothing like seeing the creamery truck pull into camp. I dunno, when I was a camper, we had Wise potato chips and push pops for snack. Better campers… better snack I guess.

J Junior Counselors. behind every successful counselor… is a Junior counselor working his hardest to give his bunk a great time. Thank you to all our hardworking Jcs! Whether you were a permanent fixture or a rotator, we couldn’t have done it with out you!

K Ketchup. Seriously what would we do without Ketchup?

L Leagues and lunch. Two daily Camp Regesh Highlights! Unclear if we unwind from leagues at lunch or from lunch at leagues!

M Mordechai Shapiro Concert! Mordy’s return to his alma-mater complete with professional lights and perfect staging brought down the house! We can all sing!

N Ned. Back and better than ever….er the same? Hopefully its just a stage he’s going through. And no, eating fire is not recommended. QUE… “COLOR WAR BREAKOUT!”

O Outer Space and Olam Haba. From every town and every place… we’re the ONLY camp that goes to outer space! Olam Haba, Olam Haba….

P Pizza Friday! The only thing better than Regesh pizza is having it every week! Complete with Counselor Challenges and a weekly Thank You Hashem recap… the only thing better than Friday lunch is… Shabbat itself!

Q Quinoa. For breakfast.

R Rebbeim. There’s nothing like taking a little break from the action for some Torah to inspire us and to feed our neshamot. Thank you to our stellar Rebbeim, for keeping us inspired and growing in Torah throughout the summer!

S Super Sports Day. Did I hear someone say HUMAN FOOSBALL?!  Our Dodgeball court transformed into a massive HUMAN FOOSBALL COURT as we experienced Insane Sports day, LIVING ROOM STYLE. We also played Human Battleship and Living Room Dodgeball (don’t try that at home!)

T Thank you Hashem! Didiaidiaidaidai…… that’s right I’m sure you answered Thank You Hashem! Thank You Hashem for the most insane, amazing, wonderful summer any of us could have asked for (and only 3 rain days )!

U USA Day. Complete with a visit from Honest Abe himself, USA day was off the charts! USA styled capture the flag, and an amazing Dog Show really got us into the spirit!

V Vonderful Special activities and Theme Days:  Regesh Bingo, Rock Paper Scissors Duel, Twisted Switch, all of our over the top and out of this world Lunch Activities, Outer Space Day (glow in dark dodgeball and more!) USA Day, Orange Day, Mustache Monday, World Cup and Color War and a whole lot more!

W Water Day! Name me another camp that has a Water Park on campus! This brand new day sure ended our summer with a splash!

X Xamples. Thank you to our counselors for being wonderful examples for the rest of us to emulate.

Y Yossele, the Holy Miser. Yossele taught us all valuable lessons about giving tzedak in our Tisha B’av Cantata… You never know…

Z Zucchini!


Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos, a Ktiva Vachatima Tovah, and an amazing new year. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU NEXT SUMMER (IN YERUSHA LAYIM) for year 32!

Signing off, R” Moshe “Auchie” Auslander, Program Director