• August 21, 2020

Boys Camp Week 8

Boys Camp Week 8


The prospects for camp looked bleak. About mid April, when camp planning kicks into high gear, every meeting was peppered with statements like, “I can’t believe we are planning for camp.” The world was in lockdown, so much uncertainty surrounded us and camp wasn’t going to happen, right? And even if it did, how long would it last? Yet with Emunah and Bitachon we forged ahead. Baruch Hashem we heard that we could open… and here we stand, in week 8 of the most INCREDIBLE summer ever. Everyone safe, masked, socially distanced, happy, pumped, exhilarated and on a high. We swam, we basketballed, we archeried, we color warred, we olympiced, we danced, we ziplined, we boated and we experienced the most amazing summer ever! Not only were we here… but Hashem gave us a summer that was above and beyond, full of lifetime (socially distanced) memories! The ruach, the incredible sports, creative activities, theme days, learning were non-stop and so memorable! Thank You Hashem for Summer 2020!  As in the past, indulge me as we go through the 2020 version of the Regesh ABC’s!


A- Amazing staff! Our campers came home safe and happy every day due to our focused talented and dedicated staff! A better chevra is hard to find!

B- Best camp in the world!  It’s not for nothing we are called Regesh. It means feeling and there’s no better feeling than being an appreciated, Regesh camper.

C- Counselors! Day in and day out, our mask-wearing, social distance warrior counselors took on 2020 in all its glory. They infused every moment with fun, care and kept our campers safe and happy through what has been the best summer ever! THANK YOU GUYS! And C also stands for Cookies! No, wait, that’s not right… oh yes! CAMPERS! Thank you Hashem for the best bunch of campers ANYWHERE! Funny, talented and always smiling, our amazing campers made every day a party this summer! You guys are amazing! We can’t wait to see you back for Regesh 2021!

D- Division Heads. I’d like to take this moment to thank out loud (as out loud as I can get while writing…. ) our FANTASTIC DIVISON HEADS! Like watching a well-oiled machine, each member knows their place, does their mission and in the end, it all comes out smooth, slick and reliable. This summer would not have been close to the success it was without the constant care, creativity and positivity of our professional esteemed team. Shlomo, Shua, Noam, Mich, Alter and Rabbi Minch…. YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!

E– Everyday… It seems like every single day had a life of its own… whether it was a special theme day, an exciting lunch activity, tournaments, Olympics…. every single day, of every single week, was maxed out to its full fun capacity!

F- Fun! obviously… 🙂 and Fettuccine Alfredo…

G- Good Shabbos! Every Erev Shabbos, the senior division gathered for an extra special Oneg Shabbos! Complete with special Shabbat prize raffles, special snack and a live kumzitz, it really helped put us all into Shabbat mode!
H- Hapa’am Odeh Es Hashem….

I- Israel Day! By an absolute nes, we were privy to an extended Israel Day, an awesome drum circle on Monday (a hurricane on Tuesday #2020 wackiness) and an Israeli style theme day on Wednesday!

J- Junior Counselors! We had an amazing team of dedicated, hard working, junior counselors this summer. Our boys’ summer is thanks in a large part to you! Thank you JCs!

K- Kookiest Hat Day ever! We tried to knock off those hats- after all, it’s the test of a good hat… and surprisingly, most hats stayed on! Um… great hats guys!

L- Mmm hmm I’m hungry! I could use some lunch… did somebody say…… LUNCHTIME? Only at Regesh is it unclear if the food is part of the fun or the fun is part of the food – wait that didn’t make sense. Whatever. From Musical Mondays, Dancing, Cheering, Beatboxing, Dance-Offs and Singing Contests to Breakfast for Lunch Special, Wacky Wednesdays, Dancing, (Snowball Fights, Eating Contests, Hoola Hooping, Falafel Building and much more!) Joke days, Counselor Challenges, Super Color War and World Cup sized Lunch Activities, and of course the Awesome Classic… STAFF LEAGUES, and much, much, much more! In our brand new socially distanced format, our tabletops got a lot of use, not just from food, and we had a ton of fun! And of course…Lag Baomer day! We all chipped in to build a beautiful bonfire and danced up a storm once it was lit! Archery Survival anyone? In honor of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai, we remembered just how awesome it is to be a YID! And yeah, I know this is a long one… our LIFEGUARDS! doubling as super waiters and tripling as our in house acrobatic team, we have the best lifeguards anywhere. A great team of guys… who teach our campers how to swim! Its amazing to see the difference in the boy’s swim level from week one to week eight! Thank you, Lifeguards!

M- Menachem! A schedule doesn’t just pop out of thin air. It takes hours of work, especially when we are scheduling two special activities per division in addition to tournaments and a show on the same day. Thank you, Menachem, for all the magic you do on the schedule (and for those random pictures). We couldn’t and wouldn’t have done ANYTHING this summer without you! Of course, thanks as well for all the work you do coordinating the busses daily and for the trips. THANK YOU MENACHEM!

N- Ninja Warrior Course! What a great addition to our already awesome ropes and confidence course! Zipline? Check. Rock climbing wall? Check. Obstacle course? You got it!

O- Outdoor concerts and Olympics! A surprise pre-3 weeks visit from rising star Danny Palgon really rocked the house…. and of course Danny’s partner in crime, former Regesh camper, Regesh song singer… MORDECHAI SHAPIRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mordy came back home for the third summer in row and left us with indelible memories at our second to last day memories concert! Olympics was thrilling as eventually we crowned the gold, silver and bronze medals winners for each of our four competitive sports activities!

P- Pirate Day! We were sent on a swashbucklin’ adventure following clues laid out by (Jewish) pirate Davey (as in David) Jones. We learned a ton about his “uncle” actual pirate, Yaakov Curiel, who, we learned, did teshuva, turned his life around and moved to Tzefat and learned under the Arizal. Davey had us wade through the stream to find a message in a bottle, dodging skulls hanging from trees, rowing into the lake, digging through the sand and much more to find those clues! The last clue led us to the pavilion, where we found the treasure: an endless supply of ring pops! Awesome!

Q- QUESADILLAS! ‘nuf said!

R- Rain… what rain? It seems like rain was in the forecast EVERY DAY this summer, but Baruch Hashem… we didn’t really see any of it! (of course when it did rain… it HURRICANED:) B”H we were safe at home in our first ever Camp Regesh Snow Day!

S- Social DistancingSupreme Sports Day and Regesh SURVIVOR! And of course SHOWS! Dualed action BMX Stunt Team, NED! The return of AL THE GAMESHOW GUY! Danny Palgon Concert, MAGIC MEHL! The fantastic Small Wonder Puppet Theater, The Skyriders, Mordechai Shapiro Concert, Weekly Onegs, so much more! we were treated to some exceptional talent and entertainment this summer!  Specialties… ropes, arts and crafts, cook n’ bake, horses, archery, shuffleboard, boating and our favorite… cup fishing!

T- Theme days! There is NO OTHER CAMP that does theme days like Regesh does! This year presented us a slew of classic and fresh new and exciting Theme days! Our boys came dressed for the day and jumped right into the action! USA Day,  Regesh Survivor, Lag Ba’Omer Do-Over, A Day of Warlocks and Wizards, Davey Jones Pirate Day Adventure, Wet N’ Wild Water Day, Supreme Sports Day, Israel Day… packed with crazy mind blowing activities! WHAT WILL NEXT YEAR HAVE IN STORE? We have already started to plan! And of course, Tournaments! In these brand new activities, bunks played against each other in social distanced activities for the title!

U-  Unbelievable learning! Thank to our Rebbeim who ignited our neshamot every day with the cool refreshing springs of Torah.

V- Vy are all the Mics in camp broken? ( I know I know, COLOR WAR BREAKOUT!) No really, why? 🙂

W- World Cup and Color War! In a heated and intense World Cup, Alaska and Hawaii fought it out! How relieved were you when you realized we didn’t need to do math? #bestbreakoutever! And of course, Color War! What a war it was! Bracha Rishona battled hard against Bracha Achrona down to the last moment. Incredible songs, plays, sports and INSANE ENERGY made this the best one of the best Color Wars ever! Congrats to both teams… on an incredible job! #andthestreakcontinues 🙂

X- marks the spot!

Y- Yummy snack! In addition to a daily morning snack, we were treated to a delicious snack every day before we left camp! A long standing Regesh tradition! Ice Cream, ices, chips… what will it be today?

Z- Zucchini! 


That wraps it up… well sort of! we didn’t get close to touching the tip of the iceberg of awesomeness that happened this summer! In closing, thank you Rabbi and Mrs. Fink for giving us such an amazing opportunity to spend this summer together as a Regesh family!

Wishing the entire Regesh family a ksiva vachasima tova and a wonderful sweet new year! Hope to spend another spectacular summer together in 2021, in Yerushalayim of course!


Signing off,

Rabbi Moshe Auslander, Rabbi A, Auchie, 

Boys Head Counselor