• August 9, 2019

Boys Camp: Week 7

Boys Camp: Week 7

1234! An Awesome, Rocking, Color War!

Color War!!!

The week started like any other week- Awesome! Leauges, instructional swim, specialties, lunch… nothing gave away what was about to come… At lunch we had our beatboxing challenge, where our campers and staff showed off their beatboxing skills… The camp was on its feet as our contestants battled, laying down rhythms and beats the ranged from awesome to… pretty creativeJ …. Following lunch, our yearly rendezvous with the greatest magician out there… the one and only NED!!!!!!!!!!! Ned had the place on the edge of their seats: the jokes kept rolling as we enjoyed a true Regesh tradition. There’s no one like Ned! Towards the end of the show, Ned chickened out on his fire swallowing trick… so he asked yours truly to help him out… I honestly have never even attempted, to think about doing something like that… but you gotta do what you gotta do – I guess…. Baruch Hashem I didn’t have to eat any of it… and neither did Ned… because it WAS COLOR WAR BREAKOUT!  The team of Blue Leviim, led by Will Besharim, Avinoam Wizman and Ayal Ritvo vs. the team of Red Kohanim, led by Shua Pariser, Donny Berlinger, and JJ Mandelbaum! Our Generals came running out to thunderous ground rumbling electric cheering!  Color War got off to a roaring, ROCKING start!

The next day when we walked into camp it was bedecked in blue and red decorations! COLOR WAR 2019 was on! Throughout the next three days, the ruach was indescribable, the ACHDUS and good sportsmanship palpable, and the intensity TANGIBLE as our two Beit Hamikdash themed teams gave it their all! Color War activities are always wackier and more insane than regular: The teams battled through games of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey and more as well as, Human Foosball, field races, (the egg on spoon race , the cross-camp “Kickball Field” dash, potato sack race, obstacle course, 200 yard dash, Football Throw, Baseball Throw and much much more!)  Switch (every three minutes, all groups rotate to new activity to rack up points, ie: the CHINESE DRAGON RACE (two boys at time wear “the Dragon” and race! Frisbee through hoops hockey shot, relay races and tons of crazy zany challenges!), ropes course challenge, Mega Water Balloon Toss, Newcomb Survival,  Super Dodgeball, Super Archery Shootout, Roof Baseball, Staff WIFFLEBALL Game, Staff Basketball Game, SUPER COLOR WAR SUMO WRESTLING, Super basketball Challenge and tons, tons, tons more!

Thursday featured the Grand Sing, where both teams presented their Songs and skits to the camp and the panel of judges. The gym was decorated floor to ceiling with blue and red streamers, homemade signs and banners. The lights were red and blue and the stage was set for the final showdown. The skits were hilarious, creative and entertaining, and the songs uplifting, exciting and full of awesome energy. The entire color war was painted on a Yerushalyim backdrop: and our teams really brought home the message of yearning for Eretz Yisrael and longing for Moshiach. Both teams presented a Yerushalayim message and a song about yerushalayim, explained and presented in a creative inspiring way. The songs really set the stage, for an awesome, pumping rocking Grand Sing!

After two tear- jerking and passionate Alma Maters… we went to the Stage for the announcement of the WINNER. Combining for nearly 10,000 points overall, This color war definitely made Regesh history! And the winner of Color 2019, 5779, in Camp Regesh 284 Orangeburgh Road, in Old Tappan, New Jersey, 07675 is the team of LEVIIM BLUE! Congratulations to both teams for an exceptional amazing color war!

Friday we went back to regular activities and were treated to a cantata in honor of Tisha B’Av. It featured the story the holy miser who appeared to be insensitive and cruel, when in reality he was quietly supporting the poor people of the town in secret without fanfare or honor. It taught us many messages amongst them not to judge our fellow Jews, our brothers and sisters, because as the name of the play implied, “You Never Know.” May we be Zoche to appreciate each and every Jew, no matter how different they appear, and the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash speedily in our days.



Have a good Shabbos and a meaningful fast!

R’ Moshe “Auchie” Auslander