• July 31, 2020

Boys Camp Week 5

Boys Camp Week 5

WOW! Thank you Hashem for another amazing week and allowing us to start off second half excited, healthy and safe! A roller coaster week, from playoffs to Tisha B’Av… Lets recap! First of all… Mazel Tov to team Alaska! Both Hawaii and Alaska fought hard and presented great songs and skits in last week’s World Cup! Alaska inched out the win by a little over 100 points… Great Job!!!

Our second half began with a bang, as we welcomed back the one and only NED! Armed with -er..faced with, a face mask, Ned did it again! He had us rolling from his (repetitive) hilarious jokes, and we even were privy to some brand new ones! Ned was happy to be back, after all, what’s a Regesh summer without Ned? Our new counselors and campers were treated to quite a treat as they jumped aboard what has been an incredible, phenomenal  summer. The best yet! Also, on Monday, we had our exercise challenge at lunch… We followed our counselors as we competed for the title of “fittest Bunk” at Muscles Monday! Wow. I’m sore just thinking about it.

On Tuesday, in addition to our awesome sports, learning and specialties, we began Tournament Playoffs, as our bunks battled for the Championship title in our socially distanced bunk vs. bunk activities! Stay tuned…. Joke day really brought down the house as we hosted our first staff joke day! Shua really rocked the house…

Wednesday featured some Tournament Championships and more awesome Regesh-only activities!  As we wound towards Tisha B’Av, We were privileged to take part in a pre-Tisha B’Av Cantata. In this year’s Cantata, entitled “the Country Boy,” we were taken on a wild hilarious and inspiring ride as Finny, born in Kansas, finds his family’s Jewish roots in his grandfather’s diary that starts him off on quite a journey. When he receives new plates for his new truck, reading GET 613, he knows its time to come on home, to a life full of Jewish values. We learned many lessons along that way, like, Bentzi makes great pancakes, Hashem is always by our side and that no matter how small the step we take is, Hashem is proud of us!

Thursday, we were off due to Tisha B’Av. We hope your fast was deep and meaningful and we hope that next year we can dance and sing together in Yerushayim instead of fasting.

Friday ended with an awesome end of the day Oneg Shabbat with Live Music!

See ya next week for our Middle Eastern Adventure, Pirate Day, and a whole lot more!

May this Shabbos provide the deep Nechama, consolation we all desperately need.

Good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi A. “Auchie”

Boys Head Counselor