• July 24, 2020

Boys Camp Week 4

Boys Camp Week 4

A week bursting at the seams with excitement! When we say “I remember every moment…” it’s because every moment in Camp Regesh is worth remembering! Let’s start at the beginning. ..  because this week truly got more exciting as it went along. Monday featured our Breakfast for Lunch special, B.F. LUNCH time here in Regesh. What an intense, fast paced, super exciting game! Tournaments were in full swing and bunks battled hard as we near the playoffs.   On Tuesday, Joke day, we welcomed back the one and only AL THE GAMESHOW GUY! (I remember Al coming to camp when I was a camper! ) This show marked 25 years since Al began performing in Regesh, which was his 24th show!   AL looked a bit different this year, with a mask on!  With only one camper playing at a time and disinfecting the buttons between players, it was still awesome!  In between each round the two teams fought it out in socially distanced physical challenges! Wait… two teams? Breakout? No… not yet!

Jerseys, representing just about every team you can think of, were sported (sorry) on Wednesday for an all-time Regesh favorite, this year entitled, Supreme(ly twisted) Sports Day! Dodgeballs somehow infiltrated a whole lot of other sports, and we ended up with some twisty variations, like Ultimate Basketball, GaGa Soccer, and Supremely Twisted (backwards) Baseball! What a blast! Our Romeim Division enjoyed a Supreme Sports surprise as they went on a trip to Tappan Golf Center for mini-golf and batting cages! Speaking of surprises, it was NO surprise for R’ Elisha’s learning group… when they made a SIYUM on Masechet Sukkot! After learning the last 3 Mishnayot, they celebrated with a delicious ice cream party! Mazel Tov! All kidding aside…after lunch Rabbi Fink announced the grim news… The department of Education decided to mandate all campers to learn 20 minutes of math, history and science every day, so as not to fall behind.  All boys were given No. 2 pencils and math exercises….. When counselors Yoni and Shimmy revolted, it was only a matter of time before we realized… it was WORLD CUP BREAKOUT! (complete with math sheet confetti J ) The ground rumbled from excitement… as we announced Yoni as General for team Hawaii, and Shimmy as Alaska’s general!

Thursday was a flurry of intense sports, decorating signs, cheering, and fun!  We enjoyed World Cup style games like field races, Newcomb Survival, Roof Baseball, and much more! (all socially distanced!) With all the excitement, our 1’s and 2’s took some time out for the Wonder Puppet Theater, where we sat spellbound by this unique, hilarious and inspiring show! Both teams battled hard! Friday, both teams presented creative songs, hilarious skits and jests in their team’s special flavor. We ended the day with an Oneg Shabbos aaaand the winner iiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssss………….

Next week’s news! We eagerly await the Return of Ned this coming Monday! A pre Tisha B’Av Cantata is in the works for Wednesday and… Tournaments playoffs! In light of recent news here in camp, we look no further than this week’s parsha for reassurance. This week is known as Shabat Chazon, the Shabbos before Tisha B’Av. Chazon means vision, as Yeshaya Hanavi details his vision of the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash. However, vision here is the key. We can call it 2020 vison, perhaps. When Rabbi Akiva chanced upon the Makom Hamikdash, he laughed, because he said, “The prophecy of Yerushalyim’s destruction came true. I now know the prophecy of its rebuilding will also come true.” With the proper eyes and sweet emunah, we can see Hashem’s hand in even troublesome events in our lives. We pray to “see” the day we have been waiting for very soon and a complete Refuah Sheleima for all Jews, everywhere.


Good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi A. “Auchie” Boys Head Counselor