• August 21, 2020

Boys Camp: Senior Division Week 8

Boys Camp: Senior Division Week 8

Now I Know Why it's so Hard to Say Goodbye!

We will miss you!

Wow! We made it to week 8 already? How is that even possible?

We had such an unpredictable, yet awesome summer! Would you believe that it was just a few months ago when we thought camp might not even open?

This summer is definitely one we will never forget and we made memories that will last a lifetime. We interviewed our bunks and asked them for memories that stand out from over the summer. Here are some of their answers:

Lamed Alef loved Wet n’ Wild Water Day and the Mordechai Shapiro concert.

Lamed Bais had a splash on the waterslide and really loved being Yoel and Chanina’s campers.

Lamed Gimmel loved playing dodgeball every chance that they got.

Lamed Daled remembers how hard we worked to win Tournaments.

Mem Alef was so happy when they won Tournaments and had so much fun playing the Fortnight version of Duck, Duck Goose.

Mem Bais loved getting bounced around during Bubble Soccer.

Mem Gimmel had a blast playing dodgeball against the counselors for Gatorade.

Nun Alef liked getting to swim 20 minutes early just because they were excited to be in the swim area even if it wasn’t swim time yet.

Nun Bais’ favorite thing was swinging and balancing at ropes.

Romeim A loved pulling fish from their life force.

Romeim B enjoyed playing Tap, Tap Trio with Jacob.

We are sure that the campers had many more favorite memories, but you will just have to ask them to tell you what they are.


Here are some of Shua and Shlomo’s memories that really stand out:

-Shlomo remembers the first day watching campers walk to the Pavilion. He couldn’t believe that camp was actually able to open.

– Shua loved doing sports trivia during snack.

– Parsha sheet and davening raffles were awesome! Remember, you have to be in it, to win it!

– Lunch time and special activities with Rabbi Auslander were a blast! Where else would we be encouraged to stand on the table during lunch? (Kids, don’t try this at home!)

– Let’s not forget our amazing staff who worked especially hard this year to ensure that everyone had an awesome summer. Thank you to our counselors, JCs, Rabbeim, Head Staff, Lifeguards, Water Boys and everyone else who helped us throughout the summer!

-Finally, we really appreciate how well everyone in the division got along. We know that campers come from different schools, neighborhoods and towns. Somehow, everyone still just meshes together, it’s amazing!

We would like to thank all of the parents for sending your children to Camp Regesh for the summer and trusting us with your children. We look forward to seeing everyone back next year!

Good Shabbos!

Shua & Shlomo