• August 17, 2018

Boys Camp: Senior Division Week 8

Boys Camp: Senior Division Week 8

What I Will Remember from Summer 2018

6UP at Baseball

As this is the final article of the summer I begin to wonder what I will remember from this summer once January and February roll around. Therefore, I decided to title this article:

 What I Will Remember from Summer 2018

Acting in the Cantata

Akiva Chaitovsky and I sharing some good laughs and great memories!

Akiva Coleman working on his jump-shot any chance he had.

Alex Israel showing great consistency as the JC of the bunk in the 2nd half.

Amazing behavior on the Boulders trip.

Avi Milo pointing out the Mike Bibby look-alike.

Chanina Nussbaum showing great leadership at every opportunity.

Chanina Weinrib getting so many people out during Lazer Tag.

Chants of “6UP! That’s what’s up!” and “I love pickled tomatoes!”

Charlie Nussbaum’s love of swimming and baseball.

Connor Finkelstien getting called up for an Auchie game on his first day of camp.

Continental Breakfast

Dovi Kaplan playing volleyball during Leagues.

Eitan Vogel providing great quotes for the Eitan Vogel Quote of the Week.

Eli Blachman being on my League team first half and always playing hard and being a good teammate.

Eric Sarasohn being enamored when Shlomo (Intermediate Division Head) showed him how to get water off the volleyball court.

Ethan Goldstein being soft-spoken and friendly with everyone.

Having the opportunity to talk to and get to know the boys.

Ilan Nissel wanting and getting the chance to lead the davening on minyan days.

Isaac Cohen being a consistently amazing camper.

Joey Weisberg & Shua Satz being inseparable during their time together in camp.

Jonah Miller playing great in dodgeball.

Josh Safran leading off davening for the first 5 weeks of camp and being an all-around wonderful camper.

Kedem Friedman always playing hard.

Max Nussbaum bringing a fun intensity to every activity.

Mini-Golf at The Castle

Mayer Lerer shooting underhand in Super Basketball Shot during World Cup.

Noah Berlinger always having a funny line and positive attitude throughout the summer. Also getting our selfie on the jumbo-tron at the Boulders game.

Nosson Oirich diving to make every catch.

Oren Leitner showing a great excitement for things and doing a great job hula-hooping at the Game Show.

Pe’er Friedman and I having some very funny conversations.

Schroeder from Peanuts

Shaya Neustein having a great time on the trip.


The boys showing great respect when meeting Rav Scheinberg.

Videoing opportunities with Auchie.

Yakov Kaff constantly having something funny to say during dodgeball games.

Yankel Levovitz always being quiet by davening and benching.

Yonatan Marciano playing great in Leagues.

Zachary Scheiner showing great maturity throughout the summer.

Zev Horwitz showing great maturity during the summer and loving boating.

Zev Minchenberg doing a good job answering questions at Game Show and getting to help by the Ned show.


I would like to end by saying I had a lot of fun this summer and it’s all because of the boys and staff of the Senior Division. At points throughout the summer I had the opportunity to talk to the boys about their role in camp as the oldest bunk and they stepped up big time! They were true role models for the younger campers. There’s always been something special about the Senior Division and I hope that all the boys felt that achdus and ruach. I hope to see you all again next summer!


Zei Matzliach and a Gitten Vinter!


~ Menachem