• August 9, 2019

Boys Camp: Senior Division Week 7

Boys Camp: Senior Division Week 7


Mazal Tov Mordechai!

Wow, what an unbelievable week! We packed in so much that we don’t think we even had a second to breathe.

We began our week by continuing our second season of Leagues and doing other regular bunk activities. After lunch we were treated to our annual show from the one and only Ned. We really loved watching him do different tricks and even getting Noah Graber (Mem Bais), Menachem Becker (Mem Bais) and Eitan Chechik (JC Mem Alef) into the act. It was awesome seeing Noah holding Ned’s knives and Menachem wearing his protective “Yarmulkah.” Most of all, we couldn’t believe how brave Eitan was when Ned was juggling a knife, torch and apple above his body. Yikes!

Toward the end of the show, Rabbi Auslander joined Ned on stage to actually eat fire! While he wasn’t able to do it (and even tried to fake it), he… broke out Color War 2019! Our two teams were Blue- Leviim led by Will (Counselor Lamed Alef) and Red- Kohanim led by Shua  (Counselor Mem Alef). We had three full days of activities and events including Super Dodgeball, Newcomb Survival and field races. Rabbi Auslander even squeezed in some extra counselor games during lunch including Staff Wiffle Ball, who would have thought that it would be so awesome to watch the counselors swing a big red bat? On the second and third day of color war, the campers learned and sang their team songs and were rolling on the floor (or bleacher) in laughter during the skits. During snack, both teams were on shpilkas, wondering if their team earned more points than the other. After much stalling, Rabbi Auslander announced that the team of Blue-Leviim was the winner! Cheers were heard across camp! Kudos to both teams for putting in their full effort and for showing achdus throughout the week.

This week, we had our second-to-last Parsha sheet raffle. Congratulations to our winners: Netanel Schlaff- Pearlberg (Lamed Bais), Moshe Zevy Chaitovsky (Mem Alef), Caleb Goldstein (Lamed Alef), Moshe Lew (Lamed Bais) and Ezra Rotbard (Mem Alef). To join our last raffle, remember that you have to be in it to win it!


Let’s not forget our most important news: We are extremely proud of Mordechai Minchenberg (Mem Alef) for making a siyum on Parshas Ki Sisa (see the featured picture in our online article). Great job Mordechai!

One more week to go, let’s make it the best 8th week of camp ever!


Good Shabbos!

Dovi & Shlomo