• July 31, 2020

Boys Camp: Senior Division Week 5

Boys Camp: Senior Division Week 5

We Thank You!

Fun boating in the lake

Here we are finishing up the first week in the second-half of camp! As this article is being written with Tisha B’Av fresh on our minds, we feel it is appropo to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has done so much for us so far this summer.

Thank you Rabbi Auslander for all of the fun activities both at our lunches and together as a whole camp. Joke Day this week was great especially as this week was the Staff Edition with Shua (Counselor Lamed Alef) and Lavi (Counselor Lamed Gimmel) telling hilarious jokes and Shlomo’s was…. Um… moving on. We also loved Ned’s show on Monday! Even though he wasn’t able to call up campers, he had help from our staff member, Yoel (Counselor Lamed Bais) who risked his life as Ned was juggling fire, a huge knife and an apple dangerously close to him. Let’s not forget the Cantata on Wednesday. We learned about a person who found out that he is Jewish and learned that it is never too late to explore your religion. Thank you Rabbi (and Rebbitzen) Auslander for writing the play. Thank you to all of the actors from our division who are too numerous to name (and we are also bound to miss at least one actor).

Thank you to our archery instructors, Mrs. Schenk and Menachem for the great instruction. Josh Friedman, Moshe Rosenfeld, Ruvi Khanin and Netanel Bitton (All from 6B), Tuvya Gross, Elisha Berkowitz, and Kedem Friedman (All from 6A), and Abie Klyman (Lamed Alef) (amongst others) would especially like to thank you for giving them the skills to hit all their bullseyes.

Thank you to all the campers who brought in their Parsha sheets so they can be in our raffle. Congratulations to Chananya Schlaff-Pearlberg (Romeim B), Netanel-Schlaff Pearlberg (Mem Alef), Lev Kalina (Mem Alef) and Shane Dworkin (Lamed Alef). Remember, you have to be in it, to win it!

Do you know how camp is able to run on a daily basis? We would like to thank the lifeguards (led by Bentzi) for teaching us how to swim, keeping us safe in the pool and for waitering at lunch. There is also: Tzivi, Chavie and Hadassah who run the office, Rochel Leah who runs the infirmary, Kristoff, Patrick and Eric for taking care of snack and water, Menachem for doing the schedule and running busses (and covering a learning group), our Rabbeim, all our counselors and JCs and everyone else who we missed mentioning but want to thank.

Of course we can’t forget to thank Rabbi (and Rebbitzen) Fink for working tirelessly to make sure that Regesh was able to open this summer. THANK YOU!

We look forward to all of the awesome activities that we have planned for next week!

Good Shabbos!  Shua & Shlomo