• July 31, 2020

Boy’s Camp: Romeim Week 5

Boy’s Camp: Romeim Week 5


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What an awesome week to start the second half of the best summer ever! As always, we began each day with beautiful davening and meaningful learning. On Monday, the famous Ned came to camp! We really enjoyed his whole performance- from magic tricks to juggling, and most importantly his jokes! On Wednesday, we began to prepare for Tisha B’av. We replaced our regular learning with learning about Tisha B’av. In the afternoon we watched an incredible play that helped to get us in the spirit of Tisha B’av. We learned that Judaism is not all or nothing- we all need to take things step by step. We ended the week with an awesome day of sports and fun. We can’t wait for week 6!

Noam, Jacob, and Akiva