• August 21, 2020

Boys Camp: Junior Division Week 8

Boys Camp: Junior Division Week 8

My favorite thing about Summer 2020- Everything!

Regesh is all about lasting friendships

What do we remember from the past unbelievable 8 weeks spent in our home away from home- Camp Regesh?! Although space does not allow us to write everything, we will try a few for beginners and see where it takes us!


¨ How great was sand-building (Bunk 1A’s favorite activity!) which allowed the boys to show their creativity both at the beach near the boats and in various other locales which sported sand! J

¨ How wonderful was Tetherball (Bunk 1B’s favorite activity!) which saw boys playing from the very start of camp (even before 1st activity) to anytime that a few minutes could be found! J

¨ How tremendous was soccer (favorite activity of Bunks 1C and 1DE!) which gave the opportunity to campers and staff alike to show their teamwork through passing and gain doing, so much exercise at the same time! J

¨ How terrific were the water slides (Bunk 1F’s favorite activity) during the last week of camp as well as the slide in the pool that could be used on a daily basis! J

¨ How amazing was Cup Fishing (Bunk 2A’s favorite activity!) which was one of the most refreshing activities as the boys got to prepare for swim a little early!

¨ How fabulous was Dodgeball (favorite activity of 2B, 2E, 2G) which has become a favorite of so many bunks throughout the years as it allows all members of the bunk to be that game’s hero! J

¨ How nice was Cook and Bake (2C’s favorite activity) which gave the boys the chance to be indoors for an activity while enjoying some of the most delectable, edible creations! J

¨ How refreshing was Boating (favorite activity of 2F) which was set in the backdrop of our lake and always made it possible to get drenched by the ever-flowing fountain! J

¨ How special were all the “special days” like Olympics, World Cup, Color War, Game Show, Wonder Puppet Theatre, Return of Ned, Alex Mehl the Magician, Dani Palgon and Mordechai Shapiro Concerts (just to name a few!)  J

What was your favorite part of camp?! We look forward to hearing all about it next summer when we see you again!

To conclude, we thank all of the campers for joining us this summer and also thank the wonderful counselors and J.C.s for helping the children have such a safe and fun 8 weeks. It was a privilege to be part of such a great division- we wish everyone a ketiva vachatima tova and a wonderful year ahead!

Alter, Michoel, and Rabbi Minch