• August 16, 2019

Boys Camp: Junior Division Week 8

Boys Camp: Junior Division Week 8

The Junior Division is the ``Coolest``

Junior Division cooling off at 7-11

remember from this unbelievable 8 weeks spent in our home away from home- Camp Regesh?! Although space does not allow us to write everything, we will try a few for beginners and see where it takes us!


¨ How great was it when the Yud Division played OK (Ones Kickball) each week and learned some of the finer nuances of the game (i.e.- Phineas Lazar- yud aleph, and Mason Epstein– Yud Gimmel who both had great kicks in the last game of the season!)

¨ How wonderful was it when campers got to participate in Rabbi Auslander’s wacky lunch activities (i.e. Ben Graber- Yud Bais, in the last week of camp) or Joke Day (Yonatan Mirkhani- Yud Bais, the day after color war!)

¨ How tremendous was it when the Chuf Division played Little League and became more comfortable with the game with each passing week (i.e- Zachary Edell- chuf bais, and Dovid Last- chuf gimmel)!

¨ How terrific was it when boys showed how much they cared about one another (i.e.- Ilan Nechushtan-Zennou: chuf aleph, who offered to put another prize in the Tefillah raffle and Yoni Mazin- yud bais, who wanted to personally return a lost item to its’ rightful owner!)

¨ How amazing was it when boys honed their skills in specialty activities like horses, cook and bake, arts and crafts, ropes, boating (i.e.- Teddy Gordon- yud aleph, and Jacob Rosenberg- chuf aleph)!

¨ How fabulous was it when boys took pride in their Torah learning by actively participating (i.e.- Joseph Weinstein- chuf aleph, and Ezra Levine- yud bais) and making it fun to do Mitzvot!

¨ How nice was it to see boys enjoying the different shows which came to camp like Extreme Team and Mordechai Shapiro (i.e.- Liam Siegel-chuf bais, and Ezra Gordon- yud dalet)

¨ How fantabulous (is that even a word!?) was it when boys could be seen in the swimming pools enjoying themselves with their friends (i.e.- Mitchell Stamler- chuf gimmel, and Eli Rosenberg- yud aleph)!

¨ How satisfying was it to find your name in the Regesh Review and feel that I am part of something special (i.e.-everybody!)


What was your favorite part of camp?! We look forward to hearing all about it next summer when we see you again!


To conclude, we thank all of the campers for joining us this summer and also to thank the wonderful counselors, J.C.s, and Rotators for helping the children have such a safe and fun 8 weeks. It was a privilege to be part of such a great division- we wish everyone a Ketiva Vachatima Tova and a wonderful year ahead!


Avromi, Michoel, and Rabbi Minch