• August 17, 2018

Boys Camp: Junior Division Week 8

Boys Camp: Junior Division Week 8

Thanks for the memories

Thank Heaven for Camp Regesh

The Regesh version of Summer 2018 has come and gone. It is hard to believe that it was almost 2 months ago when we came together as the Junior Division and started to enjoy time together.  As can be seen from the many beautiful photos (taken by Avromi and posted on the blog), there were a lot of amazing activities in which we participated. Besides for davening, learning, swimming, snack, and lunch, there were many other things which filled our day and were favorites of the boys and staff. We asked that each bunk take a vote and report their top activity. They had a difficult time- should they pick one of the sports (like basketball, football, kickball, soccer, baseball), one of the specialties (like horses, pioneering, frisbee, archery, cook and bake, ceramics, cup fishing, arts and crafts, shuffleboard), or maybe some of the special events (Chicago Boys Acrobats, Color War, Magic of Speed, Wonder Puppet Theatre)?

In the end, each bunk picked 2 items- one every day activity and one special part of our great programming which we only experienced once during the summer. This exercise was great as it allowed the boys to recall all the great memories all over again!

The envelope, please:

Bunk yud aleph (1A) – Dodgeball/Cup Fishing AND Game Show!

Bunk yud bais (1B) – Dodgeball/Cup Fishing AND going to 7-11!

Bunk yud gimmel (1C) – Dodgeball AND Game Show!

Bunk chuf aleph (2A) – Soccer AND The Return of Ned!

Bunk chuf bais (2B) – Dodgeball AND Mordechai Shapiro Concert!

Bunk chuf gimmel (2C) – Hockey/Cook and Bake AND World Cup!

Bunk chuf dalet (2D) – Dodgeball AND Outer Space Day!


We would like to take a moment to thank all of the campers for joining us this summer and also to thank the wonderful counselors, J.C.s, and rotators for helping the children such a wonderful 8 weeks. It was a privilege to be part of such a great division- we wish everyone a kesiva vachasima tova and a wonderful year ahead!

Avromi, Mordechai, and Rabbi Minch