• July 31, 2020

Boys Camp: Junior Division

Boys Camp: Junior Division

Rebuilding the Bait Hamikdash

A Creative Kotel in Arts and Crafts

The second half of the summer started off right away with a laugh as Ned came back, yet again, to entertain like no one else can.  This was our second show during the Nine Days (the first one was the Wonder Puppet Theater which came last week but did not make it into our articleL). In order to cool off from the heat, we were able to once again take advantage of the sprinklers, besides for the official swim time.  As a holdover from the World Cup, Bunk 2D (Chuf Dalet) showed great prowess by winning a wonderfully played game of Kickball and thereby also won Tournaments!  In general, it is always gratifying to see all the boys taking advantage of the many different activities on the schedule- from football, baseball, and soccer to archery, cook-and-bake and arts-and-crafts. As Tisha B’av is a time to focus on appreciating one another, we take this time to thank all of the counselors, J.C.’s and specialty counselors for helping make the activities so enjoyable. However, most of all, we would like to thank the campers of the Junior Division for bringing such a positive attitude to camp on a daily basis! For example, at lunch this week, we heard such great jokes from Dani Frost (1A- Yud Aleph), Gabe Fishkin (Bunk 1DE- Yud Dalet/Tes Vav), and Aaron Rahmani (1F-Tes Zayin). In addition, Yisroel Abed (also of 1DE, Yud Dalet/Tes Vav) helped set the tone for a beautiful Birchat Hamazon. Also, Nathan Silverberg (1B-Yud Bais), Ilan Bloom and Liam Fishkin (1DE-Yud Dalet/Tes Vav), Ezra Safier (2A- Chuf Aleph), and Eli Koslowe (2B-Chuf Bais) were just a few of those boys who impressed us greatly by bringing in their signed Parasha sheets.  Of course, a great Kol Hakavod to Ovadiah Cohen (2D-Chuf Dalet), Liam Press and Eitan Schlenger who were among those boys who set a great example of Tzizit-wearing and Davening with great enthusiasm. Finally, we also would like to express appreciation to all of the staff members who were involved in the Cantata (about the country boy who learned he was Jewish) to help us usher in Tisha B’av properly. On that note, we hope that Thursday was a meaningful day for everyone and that we will be privileged next year to have off on Tisha B’av but this time because of the great Yom Tov the day has become. Remember to continue telling the story of Reuvain and Shimon!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Shabbat Nachamu,

 Alter, Michoel, and Rabbi Minch