• August 17, 2018

Boys Camp

Boys Camp

I Remember Every Moment: The Regesh ABCs

Now I know why its so hard to say goodbye...

This summer flew by too fast. What an absolutely unbelievable summer it was! Looking back, I’m attempting to express the feelings I have into words. The idea of coming out of retirement to write another alma mater was shelved- for now. In 20 years? Too cliché. (Although in 20 years Camp Regesh will be celebrating its 50th anniversary…) If I had a penny for every idea that came up and was nixed… I’d be able to buy a golfcart! So, after much deliberation, I settled on the good old ABC theme. I present to you the Regesh 2018 ABCs:

A: Atmosphere. Camp Regesh has a Ruach, a feeling, found absolutely nowhere else. Hence the name.

B: Baruch Hashem!

C: Counselors and Campers. Baruch Hashem we have the most amazing campers around. To give them the greatest summer ever we couldn’t just have mediocre staff. In a big way, thank you to all our exceptional, devoted, talented, caring, exciting and amazing role models: our counselors. Day in, day out, giving every boy in Regesh everything they’ve got and an amazing summer. Wherever you’re reading this, I believe a standing ovation is in order.

D: Division Heads.  Leading our counselors are our exceptional team of division heads. R’ Minchenberg, Mordechai, Avromi, Shlomo, Dovi, and Menachem, here’s a personal thank you for all that you individually bring to camp.

E: Entertainment! The Harlem Hoopsters, Magic of Speed, Chicago Boys Acrobats, Al the Game Show Guy, Wonder Puppet Theater, Laser Tag, on site Regesh Carnival, daily Lunch Activities, Erev Shabbat Counselor Challenges, Concert, and even Rainy Day Activities when our beautiful fields were getting yet another shower.

F: Fishing. That’s right, fishing! Nowhere else will you find this time honored Regesh pastime, which is almost as old as camp itself: Cup Fishing!

G: Great Specialties. Aside from our daily activities, we’ve got awesome specialties! Horses, Shuffleboard, Arts and Crafts, Ceramics, Cook ‘n Bake, Archery, Boating, Roof baseball :), Peddlecarts, even Frisbee training!

H: Hat Day. Hat Day like you’ve never seen it before!

I: Ice cream and ices for snack! Nothing like seeing the creamery truck pull into camp. I dunno, when I was a camper, we had Wise potato chips and push pops for snack. Better campers… better snack I guess.

J: Junior Counselors.  Behind every successful counselor… is a junior counselor working his hardest to give his bunk a great time. Thank you to all our hardworking JC’s!  Whether you were a permanent fixture or a rotator, we couldn’t have done it without you!

K: Ketchup. Seriously what would we do without Ketchup?

L: Leagues and lunch. Two daily Camp Regesh Highlights! Unclear if we unwind from leagues at lunch or from lunch at leagues!

M: Mordechai Shapiro Concert! Mordy’s return to his alma mater was the perfect way to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

N: Ned. Back and better than ever….er the same? Hopefully it’s just a stage he’s going through. It’s cool by the way. I didn’t need that hat anyways.

O: Outer Space and Olam Haba. From every town and every place… we’re the ONLY camp that goes to outer space! Olam Haba Olam Haba….

P: Pizza Day! The only thing better than Regesh pizza is having it every week!

Q: Quinoa for breakfast.

R: Rebbeim. There’s nothing like taking a little break from the action for some Torah to inspire us and to feed our neshamot. Thank you to our stellar rebbeim for keeping us inspired and growing in Torah throughout the summer!

S: Super Sports Day. Dodgeball meet Twisted Dodgeball. Where a regular game of dodgeball evolves into an epic adventure, featuring cones to knock down, multiple ways to free all your teammates who got out, Presidents, multiple dodgeballs and more!  And Mini Golf? Meet Mega Golf. 18 holes of wacky, hilarious teambuilding challenges, that involved our entire bunk to get the ball into each of the 18 holes scattered around our campus-turned humongous golf course!

T: Trips! It never rains in Camp Regesh. But when it does… we go on awesome trips! Aside from our trip to the Rockland Boulders baseball game and the legendary 5’s and up trip to the Castle Fun Center (go carts, arcades, roller skating/blading, rides, bumper cars, minigolf, rock climbing, bungee zip line, lazer tag and more!) we spread that Regesh feeling to West Rock Indoor Sports Center, Screamin’ Parties and Sportstime USA!

U: USA Day. We threw a wild birthday party for the United States on July 3rd complete with piñatas, pin the wig on Gorge Washington, (and the Teddy Bear on Teddy Roosevelt and the hat on Abe Lincoln) and an awesome limbo tournament!

V: Vatermelon on BBQ day! (Anyone up for watermelon ultimate?)

W: Water Boys. There’s an expression, “it goes without saying.” well, if you don’t have to say it, why is anyone saying anything at all? The answer is, that sometimes the things that seem so obvious are in fact sometimes the things that are hardest to see. Like the Water Boys’ hard work. Filling and refilling ice water so all of us can stay hydrated and refreshed all day is not easy at all. Thank You, Binyamin and Eliezer!

X: Xamples. Thank you Rabbi C and Rabbi Fink for being wonderful examples for the rest of us to emulate.

Y: Yosef Needleman, Yoel Weinraub, Eitan Chamish and Eitan Levy. These unsung heroes were behind almost every large scale (and small scale) activity in camp. From planning to set-up, they were always reliable, responsible, and a ton of fun to be around! On behalf of the entire camp, thank you guys!

Z: Zucchini!


Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos, a Ktiva Vachatima Tovah, and an amazing new year. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU NEXT SUMMER (IN YERUSHA LAYIM) as we start the next 30 years of Regesh!


Signing off,

R” Moshe “Auchie” Auslander

Program Director